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Without question, the tradition of wrapping presents is one of the major joys of gifting (second only to seeing the smiles on the faces we love). But today, sustainability realities have us wondering whether the happy ritual’s worth all the waste it produces. Thankfully, our beautiful fabric wrap makes gift giving easy and ethical.

Made with 100% recycled polyester, Ecowrap fabric gift wrap eliminates not only paper waste but also—thanks to stylish tie cords, buttons, and tags pouches—the need for tape, ribbons, or any other accessory that ends up in a landfill. Putting your environmental concerns to rest, Ecowrap removes wastefulness from the gift-giving equation entirely!

As convenient as they are sustainable, our many gift-wrapping fabrics are available in a wide spectrum of patterns and sizes, accommodating any gift dimension and holiday. Several wraps even feature double-sided designs that alternate between Christmas and birthdays!

In a way, our fabric gift wraps function as a gift within a gift. Invite your loved ones to keep and reuse Ecowrap for someone special on their gift list. Or, if they don’t need it, simply take it back and save it for your next special occasion. It’s the only gift wrap that guarantees a lifetime of smiles!


Our wraps not only provide you with sustainable gifting solutions; they’re also sourced ethically from Repreve®, a world-leading recycled fibre manufacturer. Every polyester fibre that makes up our wraps is fully derived from recycled plastic bottles (also known as rPET). Additionally, eco-friendly inks ensure our patterns are as environmentally conscious as they are pretty.

What is Repreve?


The worldwide demand for textiles has climbed to a staggering 70 million tonnes per year. For those of us who care about the future of the planet, it’s crucial to seek out materials that temper the impact of all this manufacturing.

We’ve selected rPET for its low carbon footprint, which is 50% that of organic cotton, 75% lower than regular polyester, and 90% lower than nylon. And not to mention, it feels just as nice as virgin textiles while offering fantastic durability. It’s an ethical product that lasts season after season.


  • More than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills every year. 
  • In 2017, the recycling rate of bottles was less than 30%. Simply put, more rPET products means less landfill. 
  • Every kilo of rPET repurposes around 60 water bottles. 
  • rPET production requires 70% less energy to manufacture than virgin fibres. 
  • In addition to having a much lower carbon footprint than regular polyester, rPET requires 90% less water to make.


In 2019, we acknowledged the need to phase out non-recyclable wrapping paper. But consider:

  • Each Christmas, Canadians discard over 500,000 tonnes of non-recyclable gift wrap and bags.
  • Every tonne of gift-wrapping paper requires roughly 6 mature trees, totaling over 3 million trees annually.
  • Materials like coloring, glitter, tape, and ribbons often end up in landfills, even when disposed in recycling boxes.
  • Reusing traditional wrapping paper is challenging, and recycling consumes significant energy.

Opt for Ecowrap fabric gift wrap to inspire sustainable gifting traditions.